Which Versions of the Bible should I use?

Which Bible Translations can I use with the LUJ Lessons?


The Lifting up Jesus bible study series is a relational set of lessons, which focuses on Jesus Christ and how He relates to us as well as to each of the doctrines of the SDA Church.  These lessons were first written with the NIV in mind since it was to be used especially for those who were “unchurched “ and I wanted them to be able to understand these very relevant scriptural truths.


Unfortunately the NIV bible was revised in 2011 and the publishers are no longer making the earlier NIV translations available any longer.  The problem with the newly updated NIV is that you can no longer use this version with lesson #4. (If you have an older version, that’s fine)


However there are still some other translations that you may use.  They range from 9th to 12 grade reading level.  Select the translation that you feel your student may be most comfortable with. Remember, please take into consideration how much of a reader they are and if they are biblically literate.


First tier (recommended)- ESV, NKJV, NRSV, RSV, NIV (published before 2011)


Second tier (fine to use)- ASV, HCS, NET, KJV


Third tier (not recommended) NEW NIV, LIVING BIBLE


You will not be able to use a paraphrase bible.  (Especially with lesson #4.  They will be problematic for you) these are bibles with only one translator; Clear Word, The Message, etc.